Vegetables improves height

Vegetables improves height
Besides calcium supplements, exercise increases the height exercises, you added vegetables such as beets, peas, Brussels sprouts.

1. Radish
Radishes are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, cholesterol and fat. Additional turnip regular menu helps promote height.
You can beet processed into many different dishes, or simply enjoy a glass receiving radish juice every day to see his height rather change.
what vegetables help you improve your height? – Photo 1
Vegetables of vitamins and minerals you need to improve your height (Photo: Boldsky)
2. Beans
Beans are rich in fiber, folatem protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. Beans are nutritious foods and familiar in the family. Make frequent use of beans for protein-rich foods to boost height.
3. Restoration brussel
brussel Restoration rich minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber, iron … resistant cancer and height growth.It is also important vegetables in increasing height. Eating Brussels sprouts 3 to 4 times a week to see significantly increased height.
4. Okra
Okra can stimulate the body to produce growth hormones to increase the body height. This salad is rich in vitamins, fiber, water, carbohydrates, minerals, nutrients, has the function of a laxative.
5. Spinach
Spinach contains more vitamins, iron, fiber and calcium, which helps improve the body height by affecting the growth hormone if added to the daily diet.
6. Peas
vegetable contains many valuable nutrients, vitamins, fiber, protein, minerals and lutein. You should add the peas to the daily diet as it will stimulate growth in height.
What vegetables help you improve your height? – Photo 2
Vegetable rhubarb (Photo: Boldsky)
7. Vegetable rhubarb
This is a great foods help your body against diabetes. Additional rhubarb salad in 3-4 weeks your body can stimulate secretion of growth hormone increases height and more.
8. Vegetables
nutritious green vegetables, rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber is soluble. Vegetables have anti-cancer abilities, help activate the growth hormones, growth promoting effective height.

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