Nutrition for pregnant mothers

Nutrition for pregnant mothers
Nutrition during pregnancy is not just in numbers, but also are full of necessary nutrients.

Nutrition during pregnancy is not just in numbers, but also are full of necessary nutrients. This will ensure the health of the mother at the same time building the Organization for children as the central nervous system of the brain, heart, liver, lung, digestive apparatus, circulatory, respiratory and urinary tracts.
Correct nutrition
Pregnant women should eat a variety of foods. Should eat more meals to achieve nutritional needs.Each packed should eat an extra bowl of rice (along with food) than when not pregnant. Should choose good rice, not rubbing it thoroughly to avoid loss of vitamin B1. The kind of sweet potato tubers with less protein should only eat more rather than eating the main meal replacement. Need to eat protein-rich foods: meat, fish, shrimp, crab, egg, milk and beans. If there are conditions, every day should drink 2-3 cups of milk (about 200 ml per cup). Should use vegetable oils and only eat just right. Should eat more vegetables, fresh fruit every day, especially in dark green vegetables and fruit in dark yellow. Sweetener only eat just right. Use iodized salt in processed food and eating. Maximum limit alcoholic drinks (wine, beer), do not drink coffee, tea.
Diet for pregnant mothers
Pregnant women should eat a variety of foods.
Some note
Customize each stage pregnant women need the proper diet. However, in passing the pregnancy moms have some the following note:
If in the early period of pregnancy the morning feeling, nausea, vomiting due to fear of food tastes, the need to split the meals, diet should be low fat and high in powder sugar to supplement protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. In the later stages of pregnancy, due to the womb to create pressure on the stomach and the esophagus sphincter loosened so the room digested easily up the esophagus causing burning hot. This will reduce symptoms by eating less at each meal and should not set right after eating.
After the 20th week of pregnancy, if laced dietary improperly pregnant women susceptible to diabetes pregnancy, to prevent pregnant women need to eat enough demand, frequent blood sugar monitoring, to keep blood sugar levels stable, preventing nutritional resource exhaustion condition in storage. Should limit the food much cholesterol, minimal eat sugar.
In the last stages of pregnancy, due to decreased peristalsis, little women, the physical activity of the uterus to override the colon should pregnant women susceptible to constipation and hemorrhoids.The syndrome can be reduced when pregnant women eat more fiber-rich foods and fruits, drink lots of water.

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