Foods that help lose weight effectively

Foods that help lose weight effectively
How to lose fat effectively is the question many headaches, the article below will provide useful information for you.

To have a flat belly, compact
What to eat to support fat loss-picture 1
Pineapple help compact belly (photo: aimeeshealthyliving)
Many pineapple bromeline, a enzyme promotes the absorption of food proteins (meat, fish, eggs, milk and vegetable protein) helps the abdomen compact. To take advantage of this nature should eat fresh pineapple because bromeline being destroyed by heat in the process. In addition there are many pineapple fiber is insoluble and promote the process of removing the intestines.
Apples are rich in fiber and pectine substances help remove excess feed and stimulate the gastrointestinal activity. An Apple contains about 3-4 g fiber. It’s best to eat the shell. Apples can be cut the hungry and contain fewer calories (54 kcal per 100 g) should be eaten often.
Reduce excessive fat
Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper allows exhaust part sugar and fat before being assimilated in the body. Bell Pepper contains only 21calo in 100 g, it also has diuretic properties. If want more provitamine A and antioxidant properties, use the red bell pepper.
Green tea
One of these substances reduces excessive fat in the abdomen is the best green tea. It’s antioxidants and helps reduce the amount of excess fat. Green tea also promotes waste except lipids accumulate in fat cells, limiting the absorption glucid and lipids. Can drinking green tea as you like during the day.
Algae provide fewer calories and help for peristalsis are good.
What to eat to support fat loss-Photo 2
Onion helps reduce excess fat due to help remove the water and toxins (photo: weknowyourdreams)
Help reduce the amount of excess fat due to help remove the water and toxins. Diuretic effects due to the rich fructosane, there are many in the onion. Onion helps regulate the absorption of sugar and waste activated except fat. Eat nine would be better.
Avoid water retention
Cherry fruit
Cherry fruit helps excretion as well as in the digestive tract. Result of this many calories should not eat too much. Drink decoction of peach twig diuretic effects of flavonoid and potassium salts due.
Garlic contains many fructosanes, against water retention. Contains more potassium but less sodium, leek facilitate excretion and discharged except for urine. This is one of the legume has diuretic effects. When processing should use the Green rich in fiber and less sugar than the white.
Effective fat loss
Tofu ()
Tofu soup was made from soy milk. Tofu contains very high amounts of plant protein (10 g per 100 g). In addition there is very little fat, offers about 120 kcal per 100 g tofu. Tofu contains unsaturated fatty acid (this is the good fat and especially the Omega 3), helps to lose fat effectively.
Burn fat
Recent research shows that cinnamon helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, thus preventing body fat reserves. Also when using cinnamon can less sugar and fat in the food because the cinnamon taste aromatic. Can be used to make aromatic cinnamon yogurt or cottage cheese.

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